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Everything at re- is made from re-cycled, re-purposed or re-claimed materials and are green or eco-friendly products. Many are one-of-a-kind.

We are constantly adding products to the online store. So check back often. If you’re in the Peoria area, stop by the store where the selection of green gifts is even larger.

Visit Our Retail Location in Peoria, IL
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Visit Our Retail Location in Peoria, IL
Visit Our Retail Location in Peoria, IL
What might end up in a landfill can easily – and artistically – become a new product with new life.  Imagine a seat belt – now a handbag.  A discarded license plate – now an attractive and unique purse.  There are totes made from re-claimed plastic and jewelry fashioned from aluminum, paper and Zulu grass. Our selection of jewelry also includes bracelets made from piano wire and watches made from silver spoons. Even elephant waste does double duty when made into “poo” paper and colorful flowers.
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Wood staves from a barrel – discarded – until now.  The wood has been re-purposed into sturdy, comfortable chairs.  Glass wine bottles are cut, polished and reassembled into stylish glassware.  Fabric from sweater, jackets and neckties are now hats, gloves and wallets.  Farm and garden tools are re-purposed as distinctive yard art.  Discarded metals, chains and wire come alive as playful gnomes.  Vinyl records, now a thing of the past, get new life with as mirrors, bowls, clocks and much more.  Grandmas buttons go from keeping clothes together to adorning ring fingers.
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One man’s trash is another man’s livelihood.  The Fair Trade groups that we source products from work with left over products, re-purposed materials and items that might otherwise be discarded.  Whether they are products crafted from aluminum pop tops or scrap sari materials, these quality pieces created by workers in faraway places, support economies and help us re-think our place on this planet.

Other products in the re- inventory reflect our mission of helping others save materials from heading to landfills.  Re-usable shopping totes, Chico Bags and lunch bags take the place of disposable bags. Stainless water bottles save on the number of plastic water bottles.
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